1. Getting To Know Us

Like you, we are busy people, so we tell you upfront (unlike banks) what our basic lending criteria is, letting you see for yourself what kinds of loans we like to make. This saves both of us time and money.

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2. Our Basic Lending Criteria

Loan Amounts:

$50,000 to $5,000,000 per borrowing business
Interest Rate Max: 2.75% over Wall Street Journal Prime Rate = Currently 6.25% as of 6/30/16 (we generally do not make fixed rate loans)


7 to 25 years (with corresponding 7 to 25 year amortization periods) (we do not provide lines of credit)

Possible Collateral:

Real Estate, Personal Guaranty’s, Intellectual Property, Furniture Fixtures & Equipment, Accounts Receivable.

Use Of Borrowed Funds:

Purchase and/or refinance business real estate, purchase a business, purchase and/or refinance business furniture, fixtures and/or equipment, and working capital.

Credit Score:

We have no credit score minimum. We look behind your credit score to determine why your credit score is what it is. For example, often entrepreneurs finance their short fall cash issues with their credit cards. High credit card balances can significantly reduce your credit score. Entrepreneurs generally don’t know this and as a result, use their credit card instead of other cash sources which can harm/lower their credit scores.

3. Go To Your Bank First

If you have the time, we encourage you to apply to your bank or credit union first. SBA loans are paperwork intensive because we must comply with all SBA lending requirements.

How Long Does It Take:

We will move as quickly as possible to complete the application and determination process. Ultimately the time it takes to complete a loan is in your hands. We can issue you a Letter-Of-Interest in as little as 48 hours and close your loan in as little as 30 days, provided you work closely with us to gather, complete and submit all of the required documents and information. We only make and service SBA loans, so our process is very streamlined and efficient.

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4. What We Need To Start The Process

At the Loan Source we look forward to serving the needs of our clients in a quick and efficient manner. In order to accomplish this The Loan Source is an electronic filer, so that almost every step in the loan process is completed through computer, emailed “pdf” and electronically signed documents.

We have found that the quickest way for us to process a loan is to have our clients send us the documents listed below via email. We will review the information and let you know within as little as 24 hours if we believe that we can proceed with your loan application request. At that point, we will arrange telephone appointments, lasting about 45 minutes with each company principal or partner to gather additional information, complete application forms and make a list of any additional documents that may be needed.

Your company Information for all related business entities

1) Corporate Federal Tax Returns (only) for the last three years.

2) Basic Business Loan Application (click here to download form)

3) Basic Business History Form (click here to download form)

4) Copies of the last three months of all bank statements

5) Copies of the last three months of all merchant card processing statements

6) Interim Financial Statements (not older than 30 days)

  1. Income Statement
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. A/P and A/R Reports that tie to the Balance Sheet
  4. Business Debt Schedule (click here to download form)
  5. 12 month complete P & L projections (You may use your own format or click here to download a standard spreadsheet)

Personal Information on any individual that owns 20% or more of the business entity

7) Personal Federal Tax Returns (only) for the last three years.

8) Personal Financial Statement (click here to download form)

9) List of Real Estate Asset(s) from each principal with a copy of the most recent mortgage statement for each property.

10) Current Resume or CV for each principal. (click here to download form or use your own format)

11) Statement Of Personal History(click here to download)

In order to send large files more easily click the button below and it will take you to our on-line drop box that can handle a file or multiple files of up to 2GB.

Please note that this link can be reused and it maintains each file transmission in a separate directory.

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